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Book Review | Half Lost by Sally Green.

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Fangirling Over the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer.

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Book Review: Blair by Chrissy Peebles.

The mountains are yearning. (1)

Title – Blair.
Author – Chrissy Peebles.
Publisher – Dark Shadows Publishing.
Publication Date – 29th May 2015.


You can purchase this book here; (Ebook format only.)
Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)


Blair is half witch and half vampire. She lives with a coven of witches and hasn’t had any contact with her vampire heritage. Blair is living the perfect life until one day, everything crashes down around her. She is forced to leave everything she knows and loves, and must go on the run to save her life.

My Thoughts.

I loved this! It was very short and caught my attention straight away. The writing was amazing and flowed really well.

The characters were well thought out and I really felt connected to Blair as I could relate to how she felt about being on your own and running away from danger.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars because the writing was beautiful and the plot drew me in. It’s not got 5 stars because I just felt like the story was too short. I will be carrying on with the rest of the series though!

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