Review Policy.

I accept arcs, eBooks, paperback editions, and hardcover editions but I prefer to read in Paperback if possible.
I am currently NOT accepting requests from self published authors as I am overwhelmed with review requests at this moment. This page will be updated when I have waded through my current list. Thank you for your understanding.

I review young adult books mostly. My favourite genres are Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, contemporary and Sci-fi. I especially love books that feature Mental Illness and LGBT.

I can finish a book and the review in about 2-7 days. It all depends on my schedule and health that week.

I will do my best to read and review every book that is sent to me. I get a lot of emails so you may not get a response straight away.

My review will be posted on my blog and on goodreads. I can post it in other places if requested. I review all books fairly and I will never bash an author even if I don’t like their book.

I will not review books that I couldn’t finish as I feel that I would be able to review the book fairly.

I may also be interested in featuring you on my blog. This includes Blog Tours, Interviews and Giveaways. If you are interested in any of these things, please state that in your email.

You can email me at;

Or you can use my contact page.

Thank you!

Review Scale.

5 stars – absolutely brilliant. Will recommend to every living being.

4 stars – Really good but some flaws in the book. Probably will still recommend.

3 stars – Iffy. Liked it but didn’t like it.

2 stars – Not my cup of tea but finished it anyway.

1 star – Couldn’t get into it, definitely not my cup of tea.