Book Nerd Problems.

1. Your TBR is bigger than a mountain.


Yes! We all know the struggle of having so many books on our TBR’s, we feel like we’re drowning. Saying that, there’s a certain kind of comfort being surrounded by books and knowing you won’t run out of reading material in the near future.

2. Trying to suppress the urge to laugh in public.


Ah yes, that time when you come to a funny bit in your book and you’re sat on a crowded bus. So you have to hold the laughter in or risk looking like you’ve lost the plot!

3. Cliffhangers.


When you get to the end of a book and the author leaves you hanging. Then you have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the next book.

4. Book slumps.


The dreaded reading slump, when it’s like you’ve lost the ability to read actual sentences.

5. Book hangovers.

book hangover

You’ve just read the best book you’ve EVER read, now what are you going to do?! Surely nothing will ever come close to this beautiful masterpiece ever again.

6. When you accidentally crack the spine.


I’ve done this plenty of times and its so soul-destroying. I love my books to look pristine and I get so upset when I accidentally break the spine.

7. When you need a whole army to help you move house.


I had to do this a few months ago and its a nightmare. I dread the next time I have to move house!

8. When you’re on a book buying ban.


Ok let’s be honest, I am so bad at book buying bans. And anyway books make me so happy. I guess it’s better than alcohol or drugs!

9. After you’ve been to the bookstore.


No explanation needed.

10. Choosing the next book to read.


I should probably make a TBR jar because I never know what book to read next!

Have you got any to add to the list? I’m sure there’s so many more!

Come and find me.

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9 thoughts on “Book Nerd Problems.

  1. Ashleigh

    I always have the problem of getting a bit *too* passionate when explaining to somebody the book I’m currently reading if I really love it, because I feel like throwing the book at them and scream READ IT! so I kind of get wild eyes and they have to back away xD Hahaha!

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