Book Travelling Thursdays | Favourite Bookish Pets.

book travelling thursday

Hi everyone! Today I’m bringing you another Book Travelling Thursdays. This meme was created by Cátia and Danielle. If you would like to take part, you can find all the information you will need in the Goodreads group.

I really enjoyed doing this for the first time last week. I think its a really cool meme and breaks things up a bit and its so interesting looking at all the different book covers. This weeks topic is ‘Everyone needs a companion. Choose your favorite bookish pet.’ So I was going to choose Hedwig but I chose a Harry Potter book for last weeks topic and I wanted to change it up a bit. So, instead I have chosen Lassie from Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight. Lassie’s dedication to her owner is beautiful and its such a beautiful story. Plus, my Nana used to have a dog that looked exactly like Lassie when I was a kid.

Original Cover.


UK Cover.


Least Favourite Cover.


Favourite Cover.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Who is your favourite bookish pet? 

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