Discussion | E-books VS Hard Copies.


Hi! This is my first time doing a discussion post and today I want to talk about the E-books VS hard copies debate! I’ve seen a lot of these floating about so I thought I’d give you my opinions.

I only ever read hard copies until about 2 years ago when I decided to purchase a Kindle. For years I refused to get one and was determined to only ever read hard copies. I actually went through a phase where I only ever read E-books because I found physical copies harder to concentrate on (I have no idea what was going on there! Maybe I was just weird!) I only recently got back into reading physical copies and oh my, I have missed the joy of the paperback. 

I’ve seen some articles and comments around the internet of people saying that if you read E-books, it means you’re not a ‘real reader’ which I think is a load of crap. Books are books, words are just the same whether they are written on an E-reader or in a physical copy. It all just comes down to preference. I have a Kobo now and I actually prefer it to the Kindle. I especially love the reading stats and awards feature!


So lets look at the pros and cons of E-books and hard copies.



  • You can carry thousands of books around in your bag which makes it really good for travelling or holidays.
  • You can buy books and read them straight away.
  • Most E-readers are lighter than a paperback.
  • New releases are normally cheaper than their hardback sibling.
  • There are thousands and thousands of free books to download. A lot of classic novels are free on the Kindle store and some are on the Kobo store.
  • Easier to handle and to do more than one thing e.g – eat.
  • A lot of E-readers offer a backlight so its easier to read in the dark.


  • You don’t get the ‘feel’ of a physical copy if that makes sense!
  • You can end up paying a lot more for a book because you can’t buy a second-hand edition.
  • You can’t let anyone borrow your e-books (not that I like letting anyone borrow my books but some people do!
  • You might run out of battery or your E-reader may break.

Hard Copies.


  • Theres nothing better than reading an actual book.
  • They look pretty on your bookshelf.
  • Its harder to get distracted by the internet.
  • You won’t run out of battery and they don’t malfunction.
  • The smell of a brand new book or a really old book.
  • The thrill of going into the bookstore and browsing all the books.


  • They take up quite a bit of room.
  • New releases are normally more expensive than the e-book.
  • You have to go to the bookstore or wait for delivery.
  • If you’ve got the whole of a series in paperback and then you have to wait extra for the newest release to come out in paperback so that they match.

I prefer hard copies, there isn’t anything better than curling up on the sofa and reading your favourite book. I do like to read e-books too though but nothing could ever beat the way a hard copy makes me feel. 

What are your opinions of hard copies vs E-books? Do you have a preference and are there anymore pros and cons of each that you would add?

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2 thoughts on “Discussion | E-books VS Hard Copies.

  1. yourdaughtersbookshelf

    I love the convenience of e-books, and the lower cost. (Although I probably buy more because it is so easy, and it doesn’t seem like you are spending money… Until the VISA bill arrives… Oops) That said, however, I have found that if I LOVE a book, I have to own a hard copy, so my books end up costing even more because I buy them twice! 😀 It’s a problem.


  2. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews

    I definitely prefer reading on my Kindle. I totally agree about Kobo being a better app! I have a Kindle Fire and have the Kobo app on it 😂. I love ebooks because they’re so convenient and I have no patience so I love that they’re instant. It is definitely annoying when the battery dies though. I think I’ve gotten used to them because I live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t always have access to physical copies.

    I do LOVE buying physical copies when I can though (which is probably too much) because they’re so pretty and I love having them on my shelves. I am definitely trying to get into reading them again.

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