The Dragons Loyalty Blog Award!

The mountains are yearning. (5)

Okay so I was nominated by the beautiful Marina @fireheartbooks for this award (P.S -check out her blog, it’s awesome :))



– Display the award on your blog.

– Announce your win with a post.

– Link the blogger who awarded you.

– Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.

– Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.

– Write seven interesting things about you.

Seven facts about me!

– I love cats. Like really really love them and I wouldn’t be without my 2 little rascals! I’d open a rescue centre if I could.

– I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.

– I’m always cold and I will put my cold hands on your face to prove it.

– Everyone says I’m funny but I don’t think I am! It’s just the way I am!

– I love fluffy jumpers and I’m guaranteed to be wearing pjamas when you come and visit me.

– I have an anxiety disorder and I hate socialising. If you call me, I will not answer the phone.

– Reading is such a pleasure for me. I’d read all day every day if my brain allowed it!!

Okay! Glad that’s over, I hate talking about myself.

I nominate (Sorry if you’ve already done this!)

Princessica Of Books.

Emma the Book Lover.

Paperback Book Addicts.

Charlotte Bibliophile.

Life is Sweet in Books.

The Book Crunch.


2 thoughts on “The Dragons Loyalty Blog Award!

  1. fireheartbooks

    My hands and feet are literally always cold, I have social anxiety and I would be happy if I could spend my life surrounded by books and my dogs and cats. I’d love to rescue animals for a living honestly


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