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The mountains are yearning. (3)

I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I love love love christmas so I just had to do this one!


1. What is your favorite Christmas film?

It has to be Elf! I love the comedy and it’s still just as magical as any other christmas film! I have to watch it every year or it just doesn’t feel like  christmas!


2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

I used to live in the Midlands where it hardly ever snowed! But now I live further up North it’s snowed a little on Christmas day.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At home with my best friend and our animals. It’s just perfect spending it with my favourite person and our fur babies.




4. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Step into Christmas! Always gets me into the Christmas spirit!

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Yes! Me and my best friend always buy each other a little christmas eve bag. Normally has pjamas and chocolate. Nothing better than new pjamas!

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer, Dasher. Can’t remember anymore!

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

This is the 4th christmas I’ll be spending Christmas with my best friend and we have a tradition when we’ll open our presents and then we’ll listen to christmas songs and just talk and laugh and just forget about our issues for a while. This year has being a massive roller coaster for us and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with her and forget about all that stuff for a while.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It’s normally fake. We don’t have a Christmas tree this year 😦 because we were supposed to be moving.

9. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?


10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I love giving presents because I love making people happy and seeing their smiles. But of course I love receiving 😉 but if I had to choose one or the other I’d choose giving.

11. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

The first Christmas I spent with my best friend because it was the first I didn’t have to spend alone or in fear.

12. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

New York.

13. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

Definetly failing miserably!

14. Most memorable Holiday moment?

I have quite a few. But anything over the last 3 years because it’s the first time I’ve felt loved and wanted.

15. What made you realize the truth about Santa?

I have no idea!

16. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

No. I just made a promise to myself to do my best.

17. What makes the holidays special for you?

Spending time with my best friend and the people I love.

There’s my Christmas tag! I’m not gonna tag anyone so if you want to do it, just got right ahead 🙂

Have a brilliant christmas and a happy new year.

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