My name is Charleigh, I’m 22 years old and I am a book lover. I used to live at

I’ve always loved reading, I remember sitting on my bedroom floor, a blanket over my head reading a book with a torch. Reading was my way of hiding from the world and transporting myself to a different world.

This is a side blog to my personal blog. My personal blog is where I share my experiences on chronic illness and mental health and where I hopefully raise awareness on some taboo and less known issues. You can find that blog here;

This blog is where I provide reviews on books I’ve read and talk about books, cause let’s face it – I love books!

I suffer from PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, M.E, Fibromyalgia, Functional Leg Weakness, Non Epileptic attack disorder and I am being investigated for several other things. I am fully wheelchair bound and depend on my carer for a lot of things.

I love owls, books, pjamas, cosy socks, things that light up, glitter and lush. I am a writer and someday hope to become a published author! I will be a psychology student as of February 🙂

If you want to know anything about me or my illnesses, feel free to ask. If you want me to read a book, any book, i’m not fussy, ask me.

I won’t be reviewing every book I read (unless I am asked too) but I will do as many as possible, especially if I really enjoy them.

Welcome to my blog 🙂


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